4 Easy Strategies To Drive Parents To Your Website With Blog Content

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If you’re going to spend time putting together a blog post, you may as well get it right. And by ‘right’ I mean, make it work for you by attracting as many target customers as possible to your website. Fortunately, you don’t need to count on inspired writing and unique blog concepts to create curious click-throughs… you just need to be strategic! Here are 4 easy ways to use your blog posts to drive traffic:

Mention other brands

We all want to provide relevant content to our followers; fellow family-focused brands are always on the look out for relevant content they can share with their browsers, even better if it ‘bigs up’ their business offerings in the process! Think about how you can refer to other businesses in your blog posts, so that you can then approach them to say they’ve been featured – a great way to get them to share your content to their ready-made audience.

As an example, I recently produced a blog post for The Cotswold Baby & Toddler Show in which we mentioned 12 other brands. When we shared this post on Facebook (and tagged the mentioned companies) it achieved an organic reach (ie, no-paid boosts) of almost 5,000 people! That’s over 10x the reach of their typical Facebook post which averages 200-400¬†people.

Get your customers/followers involved

It’s not just other brands who enjoy a blog shout-out, customers love to be featured by the businesses they admire. Think about how you can get your audience involved and encourage them to then share your blog posts on social media. One of my favourite recent collabs happened over on Instagram, where mums provided their hilarious parenting stories in a post for online retailer Diddle Pigs. Not only did followers provide the bulk of the content, they shared the post on publication and helped drive traffic to the Diddle Pigs blog & store.

Create news/calendar related content

Perhaps the easiest way to generate content is to get inspired by news and events which are already getting attention online – from annual holidays (Easter, Father’s Day, Christmas, etc) to news stories which are courting controversy. The great thing about jumping on existing news is that not only does it take pressure off idea generation, it makes promotion easier. People will be excited to read their favourite brands take on an event, with the hope they’ll resonate with it over other media outlets.

Answer customer questions

The most common barrier between a potential customer and a purchase? Unanswered questions! New-to-you browsers will have things they’d like to know about your products/services but don’t always have the motivation to get in touch and ask. By preempting questions (or directly asking if there’s anything your followers need) you can create blog content which answers these questions and directs readers to your website.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to answering questions¬†about products/services. Providing answers to bigger dilemmas that your target audience have (like “how to get parents to my website?“) helps build authority and create a relationship with your reader while bringing them to your domain!

Which of these strategies are you most excited to use next? Head over to Instagram and let me know.

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