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4 Ways Your Business Blog Is Like A Toddler (And How To Start Feeling In Control!)

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As if dealing with one toddler in your life wasn’t perplexing enough – to do-best by your brand (and customers) you’ve committed yourself to the bewildering task of running a business blog! Yep, in many ways the two are very alike – ultimately, they need careful management and plenty of attention to thrive!

Here’s 4 ways your blog can be a bit of a monkey, and how to feel more in control of it:

They’re frustrating to understand

Oh boy, toddlers – if only we could understand how their mind works! Life would be so much easier. Blogs can seem just as illogical. Particularly if you don’t understand your CMS (content management system, like WordPress) and you find yourself screaming at your laptop screen “WHYY???”. Now, I can’t tell you HOW to suddenly understand all the techy things which bug the hell out of you… but I’m going to advice on how to overcome the frustration of the blog-nerd-stuff you can’t comprehend: get someone else to do it.

Business owners shouldn’t be dealing with blog uploading, web updates, formatting – or any other mindless (and confusing) blog management – unless it’s an absolute breeze for them. Get on with more important things, that you’re good at!

They need plenty of attention

I never begrudge giving my toddler attention. He’s fascinating. Funny. And adorable! But there are times when giving all the attention he requires is difficult. And giving your blog the TLC it needs is a real commitment.

The easiest way to give your blog (and toddler) enough attention is to be prepared for the hard work required, and get help where needed. Think about what your blog readers really want and need, have a blog strategy which you can keep referring to, and have plenty of ideas up your sleeve to save the frustration of coming up with content on the spot.

They thrive on routine

Consistency is key to happy little people, and the same can be said about happy blog readers; consistency is key to increasing traffic and building customer loyalty – they want to know what to expect.

Here are the three main areas in which you’ll want to keep as consistent as possible:

  • Brand voice – think about what your brand stands for and how you can best convey this. What message do you want to convey with every piece of content you promote? Perhaps it’s that you’re friendly? Serious? In the know? Be consistent about conveying ‘who you are’ through the words you use and topics you cover.
  • Blog schedule – let your readers know you can be depended upon by updating your blog to the same schedule. Once a week? Twice a week? Daily? Whatever feels right for you, and is realistically manageable!
  • Promotion – your blog is useless unless it’s read, and getting your blog read requires PROMOTION. Plenty of it. Make a strategy for how/where you will share your blog posts to attract readers, and stick to it each and every time you publish a post.
Sometimes you don’t know what they want

You’ve been there – toddlers can’t always be predicted. We don’t always know why they’re melting down, or what they need next, but we keep trying our best. It’s the same for you blog. If things aren’t working, it’s time to get experimenting – try new topics, try new promotional tactics, try new methods of tracking what you’re doing…

Be prepared that running a blog takes effort – but then, just like parenthood, the most rewarding things usually do.

What’s the most mind-blogging thing about running a business blog? Leave a comment and I’ll try to help.

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