5 Reasons To Bring Your Brand Blog Back To Life

In business blogging by saskia

There’s a plethora of responsibilities that come with running an online business… Throw busy family life into the mix, and it’s no wonder so many kids/family sector brand owners need to drop one of their many spinning plates occasionally! The brand blog often being the first to go… If you’re guilty of letting your blogroll go stale, here’s a look at why it’s time to get back to frequently posting:
Drive more traffic to your site
We all want more eyes on our goods and services. Which means enticing potential customers to click-through to our website from external sources. Blog posts give your social media followers a reason to head over to your website without the pressure to buy. And as you build follower confidence with great copy, attractive design, quality product photos, and a brand voice they come to trust – a blog post may become the starting point on a browsers journey to the shopping cart.
Share unique, valuable content
Are you filling your social feeds with re-tweets and re-shares to other people’s content? Collating relevant content from other sources is a proven technique in effective content marketing but sharing your own unique and valuable content is CRUCIAL if you want to establish yourself as a a brand at the top of your field. Keeping a blog up and running provides you with a platform to share expertise or inspiration in a way that only you can.
Show your authority + build confidence
Unique content does more than give you fuel for your Facebook page and Pinterest boards. Unique blog posts enable you to build your authority as a brand. Think about it: if you were a new browser on both the sites of 1) a baby skincare brand whose blog was regularly updated with valuable, skincare tips and 2) a baby skincare brand who had let their blog go cold… who would you have more trust in?
Boost SEO
Google loves original, FRESH content. If you aren’t updating your blog regularly, you are missing out on the opportunity to boost your SEO and climb the rankings as a provider of engaging content that’s relevant TODAY. Of course, blog writing is only a small snippet of the SEO puzzle – but Google will favour a business site that is up-to-date (and therefore relevant) over a site that isn’t touched for months/years.
Increase sales

So, what does higher web traffic, improved SEO, shareable content, and increased follower trust really mean for your business? The answer: more sales! Investing time or money into your blog opens up another avenue to up your profits – if you have a brand blog page, it makes sense to start using it properly!

Just don’t have the time to keep your blog up-to-date? Don’t let your stale blog make you look unprofessional and scatty; get your blog writing delegated in-house, outsourced by a pro, or make the call to remove your blogroll altogether.

Is your brand blog currently living up to it’s potential as an effective marketing technique? If not, let’s start working together to bring it back to life!