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5 Ways To Fit Your Business Content Creation Around Your Family Life

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The biggest complaint I hear from business owners struggling with business content creation: not enough time! And it’s not surprising, family targeting brands are family orientated people – with hugely hectic lives to fit business around. Content creation often takes a back seat.

Here’s a look at how to finally fit your business content creation around your life once and for all:

Schedule it

Let’s start simple. If you want to find time to make content for your blog, you need to MAKE time to create content for your blog. We all have the same amount of time in the day, we simply decide to use it differently. If you desperately want to make blog content yourself, you NEED to make it a priority by scheduling it into your life.

Pick an hour/afternoon/day, and put it in your diary. Make it non-negotiable!

Multitask it

Really can’t find the time to schedule in no-distraction content creation? Think about how you can best multitask it. Idea generation is something which happens when we are relaxed – meaning it’s definitely something which can be done while showering/running/cooking etc. Just make sure you have a pen, phone, or digital recorder to hand.

Want to actually WRITE while you’re otherwise engaged? Grab minutes to complete blog posts on your phone while you wait at the school gates, do the night feed, take a bath… anytime you have your hands (or a hand) child-free!

Co-create it

If you’re finding it hard to come up with ideas, try bouncing them off other people. Getting others involved in your content creation takes the pressure off and allows you to access new ways of thinking – leading to new topics. Try a brainstorming session over coffee with a friend/colleague, or pour a glass of wine and try to get your husband to help! The more fun you can make the process, the easier you’ll find it. Yes, you want to GET IT DONE – but when idea generation and blog writing becomes another ‘to-do’ you want out-the-way as quickly as possible, you can be sure the results won’t be your finest…

Play with it

In the spirit of making content planning and creation fun, get your kids involved. Ok, maybe they won’t be able to help you write, but if time is an issue for idea generation – set up a space where you can both doodle/write/brainstorm together, and make them feel part of it. Planning content creation in nursery hours would be the obvious choice, but there are ways to get away with this business task while little ones are around.

Try taking things off digital devices if you go down this route. Not only will using pen and paper help make blog planning a more mindful process, it will help your child feel more connected with you.

Outsource it

Oh, go on then, I’ll end with a plug: outsource your content creation and take the hassle completely off your hands! Not everyone is a natural writer. And even if content creation does come easily to you, it doesn’t mean you need to be doing it yourself. The right professional for your business will enable you to breathe a sigh of relief and tick content creation of your to-do list for good! Phew.

What do you need to be doing to allow yourself more time for business content creation? Leave a comment!

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