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6 Tips To Make Your Blog More Appealing To Busy Parents (So They’ll Keep Coming Back!)

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We all know, tasty titles and quippy intros aren’t enough to keep us busy parents hooked on a blog post. Parent-targeting bloggers need to employ tactics that’ll keep us reading beyond the urge to close tabs and get on with something more important (like sorting out the meal plan or researching ‘quiet time’ activities – there’s always something!). Here’s a look at how to tweak your blog and keep your plate-spinning prospects interested:

Break it down

A wall of text is a quick way to send web viewers straight to the ‘back’ button. Help readers see your articles are easy to digest by using subheaders, short paragraphs, and bullet points wherever possible. For personal musings, where subheaders aren’t appropriate, bring interesting thoughts out using blockquotes.

Offer real connection

Nothing keeps a reader interested more than connection. And connection happens when we feel like we relate to a writer; being understood allows all of us a sigh of relief. We’re not alone. How can you satisfy the parental urge for real adult conversation as potential readers feel the isolation of being stranded under a sleeping baby or when they take a break from toddler role-play?

Think before you write. What topics and references will your ideal customer ‘get’? Don’t be afraid to be frank or vulnerable.

Ultimately, a business blog should have the aim of turning readers into buyers. And the quickest way to get others to buy? Be relatable. Be real. And let people fall in love with you! Treat your reader like a friend and soon they’ll want your products because they want you. And who doesn’t want their own fans?!


Being relatable is a powerful hook alone for busy parents looking for a fix of adult connection; make your blog VALUABLE and you’re on to a winner. We might not have much spare time once we have children, but it’s impressive how much we can do with the time we do have to claim for ourselves.

Give your readers plenty to stimulate, educate, or entertain. Be intentional with the purpose of each article. No one wants to read waffle published for the sake of getting out a weekly post.

Give them options

87% of online marketers now use video as part of their content strategy, but before you go making your blog content video only, think about how your customer wants to interact with you. If you’ve ever clicked through to an article while doing a night feed, only to realise the post is video only, you’ll know the frustration. Watching a video or listening to audio isn’t always practical as a parent; give readers the option of a transcript or subtitles.

Keep your blog ALIVE

We all know how hard it is to pry ourselves away from the net once it reels us in, even if we are busy; if you get your blog RIGHT, you’ve got the opportunity to keep readers engrossed in your content (and then products) for all the child-free screen time they can get.

Capitalise on the wait outside the school gates and the bubble baths with tablet in tow; keep your blog alive with fresh content so followers can have a good binge. The easiest way to do this is to make a commitment to how often you publish (daily/weekly/monthly)– and stick to it!

Make things easy and OBVIOUS

Make it a priority to recognise how little spare time busy parents have! Each click-through to your blog should come as a HUGE compliment; reward readers by keeping things easy-to-navigate. Think about site layout, menu navigation, typeface, colours, and clear (working!) URLS to products, social media channels, and other references. Wasting a reader’s time with broken links and hard-work fonts is an instant turn-off. And remember, you might not get a second chance to impress…

How do you ensure your brand’s blog posts are crafted for your target audience? Leave a comment and share your own top tip!

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