6 Steps To Consistent Content

6 Ways To Keep Your Content Consistent & Build Parent Trust

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Attracting curious parent browsers is only half the battle for kids/family brand owners. Next, the conversion. Creating a customer online heavily relies upon building trust with those the other side of the screen; it’s crucial you show potential buyers you can be trusted. Here’s how to make consistent content¬†and help encourage the ‘like, know, trust’ factor.

Output quality over quantity

Let’s start by letting you off the hook. You don’t need to output content 24/7 to build a following that will convert into sales. Instead, focus on quality over quantity. Yes, being consistent with the AMOUNT you post is helpful – but when it comes to building loyalty you need to be seen as a brand who knows what they are doing. Focus on showcasing quality, professional content over quick anything-will-do content that fills your blog or feed for the sake of it.¬†Quality content means:

– Content which resonates with your audience and entertains, inspires, or educates
– Content which is unique
– Content which is shared from other sources (because you know your audience will love it) with credits that show how much you value the original publisher
– Writing which is error free
– Images in high-res (no pixelation)

Check your tone. Remember who you’re talking to.

Next, keep an eye on your tone. By this I mean, how you present your written content and the brand personality that you are expressing. Is your tone formal or down-to-earth? Do you keep your content to light-hearted material or are you willing to discuss darker subject matters? Your tone needs to be a reflection of both who you are as a business AND who your target audience are as people. Get clear on how your customers talk, what subjects are important to them, and what tone they will most resonate with.

When it comes to connecting to parents, remember that there are many different types of us mums! Working mums, stay-at-home mums, first-time mums, homeschooling mums, eco-mums… (And many different types of dads too, of course.) Who are you talking to and how can you use your tone consistently to build a relationship with them?

Plan topics & titles in advance

Save yourself on head-scratching and plan your blog and social media content in advance. Spend an evening brainstorming areas of expertise your followers are yearning for and how you could provide (or who you could collaborate with). Fill an excel sheet with potential blog titles or social giveaway ideas and know you can come back to it each week with ready-to-go topics.

Coming up with ideas not your forte? The ideas bit is my favourite part of content creation! Drop me an email to find out how I can help.

Get your formatting right

I may be a word lover, but we all know the visual side of digital content is HUGE. And I don’t just mean the perfectly framed brand shots you’re uploading and regramming. Whether it’s your post captions, your blog posts, or your product descriptions – pick a formatting style and stick to it with every piece of content on that platform. You want your followers to come to know your style and what they can expect when they read any of your brand communications. If you keep flitting between full sentences shares one time and bullet point posts another, slang and cheeky language one minute and ultra-pro formality another… it all gets confusing and undermines follower trust.

Double check before you publish

Even proficient writers make mistakes. Typos. Grammar blips. Sentences that don’t quiet make sense. Creating content on a smartphone is particularly culpable for errors. How many of us have pressed publish, only to realise a nonsensical autocorrection?! Not exactly professional…

If you’re going live with a social status, a quick once over is enough (you’ve always got the edit button). But consider hiring a proofreader (or getting a friend on the case) when it comes to perfect web copy and digital press releases. If you’re feeling confident enough to proofread yourself, take time away from your content before you double check it. Coming back with fresh eyes is crucial for flawlesss writing.

Have a content strategy

Simply put, a content strategy is a plan of action. A concise guide to exactly what you wish to achieve with your online content and HOW you are going to go about it. Your content strategy might include:

– who your target audience are
– who you are as a business and a breakdown of your values
– your core message (the message you wish to communicate with each piece of content)
– how you wish to be perceived by your audience
– topics which fall under your core message
– the platforms you will use
– the people you will collaborate with
– how often you will publish content, and when

Don’t have a content strategy in place? Head over to Instagram and let me know what’s stopping you from putting one in place. I’d love to know.

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