6 Ways Your Words Can Build Your Dreams

In brand voice, business building, copywriting, launch by saskia

When you’re building a brand, the importance of the visual stuff seems obvious. Have a great logo. Have a nice web template. Make sure your photography is professional… it all adds up to a quality brand image customers can trust. And don’t get me wrong – this stuff is KEY. But are you overlooking what carefully thought out words can do for you? Words can build dreams. Here’s how:

1. Your words can shape your vision

Before you create any business wording, your words are shaping your brand vision. Those words you use in your head, the words you’re jotting down in your notebook… They matter. Set yourself up well by being intentional with how you talk to yourself about what you want. Get clear on what you want and keep your inner & outer dialogue aligned with that vision. Catch any negative thinking and self-doubts and re-frame with phrases that give you a more positive way of looking at things!

2. Your words can define your standards

Don’t leave room for confusion. Be clear on what you stand for and put it in writing to refer to when you’re having trouble making business decisions. Brand values and core messages are the words & phrases you can use to shape all you do – defining your standards and helping you become consistent and confident in who you are as a brand.

Your words can build relationships3. Your words can build relationships

Successfully marketing your business is not about hitting follower numbers, but about building relationships that will further your vision. Whether it’s building a loyal following of people who need what you offer or finding relevant influencers and brands to collaborate with, your words matter. They set you apart from the competition and reflect what you stand for.

4. Your words can coach people to buy

Pretty pictures may paint a thousand words, but do they paint the right ones? Words are your chance to make the benefits of what you offer super clear, in language your customers will connect with. With the right words you can get to the heart of your potential customers’ needs so they feel valued, understood and ready to say YES to your product/service.

5. Your words can put off time-wasters 

When you are intentional with your brand communications, and boldly speak without worrying about those who won’t ‘get you’, you might turn people off. Yes, not everyone will like you, but that’s not a bad thing. Nobody wants time wasters or ill fitting clients & customers in their life anyway!

6. Your words can share joy

Everyone wants to feel loved. To feel understood. To feel seen. Your words give your audience the chance to feel this way! Your words allow you to entertain, educate, encourage and bring joy to your ideal parent customers’ lives – and isn’t that what it’s all about?

Are you using your words strategically yet? Don’t be daunted if not. Once you know how, it’s fun! It mostly involves aligning your words with your vision to make sure it comes to life. Find out more about The Parent-Magnet Process to unlock the power of words and position your brand for parent-attraction.