7 Ways To Create Parent Friendly Content Through Collaboration

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There’s no denying, running your own business means a lonely journey at times. There are days I wish for nothing more than someone to bounce my ideas off! Yes, working for yourself means you need to actively seek collaboration. Here’s how to go about it for the sake of your kids/family brand content, without stress:
Ask your audience

Want to create content that truly resonates with your ideal customer? Get them involved! Ask your social media followers and/or mailing list what they want to hear from you, and ask for their direct input too. For example:

  • Ask them what they’re struggling with and create a blog post around your solution
  • Find out about customer gaps in product knowledge and create an FAQ page
  • Ask followers to share their experiences/tips and create an article which quotes them
  • Ask customers to provide a review and share their words on Facebook or Instagram
Ask an expert

Who doesn’t love being recognised for their skills? Get in touch with someone you respect and ask them to input on a upcoming blog post relevant to your audience. Create interview questions, ask for a quote, or propose a full guest post feature on your blog – getting an expert involved not only eases the pressure on creating original content yourself, it helps boost your marketing efforts once you hit ‘publish’, as contributors are likely to share with their own networks. Need ideas on who to approach? Here are the sorts of experts who might be relevant to your kids/family sector business:

  • Kidswear brand founder or designer
  • Baby sleep expert
  • Play expert
  • Kids behavioural expert/coach
  • Midwife or doula
  • Kids/family nutritionist
  • Early Years professionals
Share the love

Another simple tactic to flesh out your content and get people sharing: feature other brands you love. Create a gift guide or round-up businesses you stock to suit a specific theme/occasion – all you need to do is write a quick blurb about why you love what they do, and make sure you know they’ve been included once you start sharing it online. This technique is particularly handy when you’d love to get others involved but haven’t yet built the connections required to ask them outright to add their own input.

Collate, collate, collate

What amazing online content have you come across lately? Have you read any life-changing parenting guides? Found the perfect ‘family travel tips’ blog post? Think about the existing content you’ve come across lately that will really resonate with your ideal customer, and then create your own content (blog or social media posts) which link out to these resources.

While this form of content does push readers away from your website (linking out), it does help position you as an authority and a space where people should come again for more insightful reads!

Get kids involved

If you’re creating products for children, why not create web and blog content for children too? You don’t need to get your pre-schooler to knock-up a blog post (although that might be interesting?!) but why not ask them for their opinions or ideas? Perhaps share play ideas from the champions of play themselves or offer proven recipes from young bakers? The novelty factor is huge here, and provides you with a fun new angle without the headache of coming up with original topics yourself!

Link-up for a giveaway

We’ve all seen those gorgeous looking Instagram squares filled with goodies as part of a ‘loop contest’; giveaways are an effective way to work with others, and piggyback off their networks, while creating fresh content for yourself too. How can you connect with brands targeting the same audience and what can you offer your followers?

Get a new perspective

Looking for a confidence boost for the web copy and content you’ve already created? Collaborate with someone outside your business for a fresh set of eyes. Whether it’s asking a social media connection you admire or reaching out to a professional editor, getting an experienced marketer to read through your stuff is a quick and easy way to ensure you’re presenting your business in the best light. Sometimes a confidence boost is all we’re seeking as a lonely, super busy, entrepreneur! (And if that sounds like you, send me a message and let’s see how I can help).

How do you plan to collaborate next and create more engaging content for your kids/family sector business? Head over to Instagram and let me know!


  1. Love this post! Thank you for the ideas. You’ve inspired me to reach out to some other connections to ask for their support.

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