7 Ways To Up Your Blog Creativity & Produce Shareworthy Posts As A Parent Boss

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It’s the ultimate content creation frustration, finally finding time to write a blog post, then realising you’re stumped for ideas on how to start. As parents with one-hundred-and-one other things to be ‘getting on with’, we don’t have time for creative block! But, it happens to the best of us.

Next time you find yourself staring at a blank screen with only procrastination as your friend, here are 7 ways to boost your creativity again:

Ask your audience

If you want to give your customers (and potential customers) value, it’s vital to create content which educates or entertains. Content they’ll want to share with like-minded friends. And what better way to do that than to ask them what sort of topics they’d like from you? Asking your audience doesn’t make you lazy; asking your audience is a direct route to marketing gold.

The sort of questions which will help you conjure up blog ideas include:

  • what are you currently struggling with?
  • what more would you like to know about our products/services?
  • what is the biggest barrier to spending money with us?
  • what blog topics do you want to see more of?
  • which blogs do you love reading most? (great for getting ideas from competitors)

Of course, phrase these using your brand tone to best connect with your followers.

Be OK with bad ideas

Next time you hit a creative wall, ask yourself whether your ideas have really dried up or if you’re just scared your ideas aren’t good enough! Be OK with putting bad ideas down onto paper (real or digital). Brainstorm every blog topic and title you can think of and don’t worry about the dull, done-before, or daft – the more you allow the bad ideas to flow, the easier it will be to let the good ones come through too!

Expose yourself to more

When we’re stuck for ideas a change of scenery does wonders. Ignite your senses by exposing yourself to new experiences, or revisiting things you love to get you inspired. Think: a walk in nature, a dance class, a night out, a nothing-but-play session with the kids – anything to get you out of your routine, help you unwind, and get your creative juices flowing again.

Get clear on your WHY

Are you stuck feeling obliged to write content for your business? Business blogging is a commitment, but when it starts to feel like a questionable chore it’s time to remind yourself of your objectives. How will great blog content benefit your business? And WHY is creating then-and-there important?

Here are a few clues:

  • Pushing past creative blocks = less time procrastinating, more time with family and enjoying the stuff you love, the sooner your business gets to enjoy the benefits of great content…
  • Great blog content = increased web traffic, increased customer engagement (onsite and/or social media), increased brand loyalty, increased ‘trust factor’, increased product/service understanding – and all these lead to… MORE SALES.
  • More sales = more money and more freedom to do the things you love and to help/spoil the people you love!

See, cracking on with it sounds a bit more appealing now šŸ˜‰

Take a break

I love a little contradiction in a blog post… Yep, taking a break is another great idea if ‘cracking on with it’ just isn’t going to happen. If you’re stuck for ideas try taking theĀ pressure off and allow yourself to come back another time. Creativity strikes when we’re feeling relaxed, inspired, and ALIVE. There’s no point forcing a creative sesh’ on yourself when you are ready-to-drop.

Look to your competitors

A quick tip to firing up a load of ideas: check out what your competitors are doing. Browse their blogs, scroll their social feeds, follow their fans – you’ll soon get a feel for what content is working for them (ie, spot what’s going viral), and it might bring up ideas of similar topics you could work on. Buzzsumo is a great tool for analysing what your competitors are doing.


If you are really struggling to get creative, get others on-board! Blog ideas come easier to some than others (hint hint) so why not leave it to a professional/friend/colleague/offspring (Ok, maybe not).

Wish you had someone to take care of blog idea generation? Take a look at my ‘Juice Box’ package on my service menu today.


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