Imagine if your online presence matched the big vision you have for your business…

And building it was a joy rather than a struggle!



A unique chance to have your online presence completely looked after!
I’ll play with words, you sit back and watch your vision come to life…

Quit the bumbling along and forget the excuses. I’m here to help you stand out online from the start (or from re-brand!) – without having to master the learning curve of creating brand messaging and strategic content that sells. Woo hoo!

“I wish I’d met you years ago – you have a real talent for taking my crazy thoughts and making them sound epic.” 


Imagine, no late nights spent learning how to be a copywriter. No hours spent procrastinating over your About Page. No afternoons spent guiltily distracted, wondering how you’re ever going to create the brand presence you’re dreaming of…

Just one investment, one friendly family-sector-loving wordsmith (that’s me!) and all your ideas plucked from your head and translated into real, on-screen copywriting and content you’ll love.

“You’ve honestly been my copy angel! I cannot thank you enough for all your help and support with our launch! Hiring you has been
the best money spent!”


“Saskia, I read your copy and cried… a lot! You are awesome. I am so utterly thrilled. You have brought the business to life!”


Ready to make things happen online?

Imagine if you had…

  • A confident, playful and authentic brand voice

    along with the tools to keep it consistent across all platforms, online and off.

  • Clearly defined core messages to do business by

    so you can communicate what you do and the values you stand for, through all your content.

  • Professional SEO-ready web copy that excites, delights and sells

    expertly crafted to bring out ‘connection points’ your audience will love you for.

  • Strategic parent-attracting online content

    plus the ideas and strategy to keep producing digital content that really resonates with your audience.

  • A business cheerleader who believes in your vision

    and who will share ideas to help your brand content shine!

You don’t have to do it all on you own…

The most successful entrepreneurs never do.

Hi, I’m Saskia. I’m here to help you use the right words to build an authentic kids/family brand that: stands out, brings joy, and attracts the parents you long to buy from you – from the start.

With over a decade of experience in creating engaging online content, I wish I could say I had been nailing the whole online business thing from the start. But the truth is it’s taken me YEARS to perfect my copywriting skills, get acquainted with brand strategy, and master creating content which perfectly aligns with a target audience… And that was before children were added to the mix!

‘The Content Creche’ was created to remove the same loooong drawn out process for other ambitious parents in business. With me, you can focus on what you do best and enjoy having a friendly pro on-board to get things done for you in a fraction of the time!

Building your dream business while raising a family doesn’t have to be such a juggle. All you need to do is put your hands up and say: this isn’t my area of expertise, and my time is better spent elsewhere! And yes, elsewhere can definitely be hanging out with your family.

Stop procrastinating. 

Let’s use the power of words to make connecting with your
ideal parent customers fun, easy, sales-boosting.

Enrol to THE CONTENT CRECHE and know your business baby in safe hands. My aim: to get to know your business vision inside-and-out then take your brand from DIY to “My, oh, my!”

  • A confident, authentic brand voice

    and a brand guide to go alongside it – meaning you’ll know exactly what language to use and how to stay consistent online and off.

  • Clearly defined core messages

    so you understand exactly what you want to communicate with each piece of content, and how to share your values to attract your target audience.

  • A sharp brand tagline

    that sums up what you do in a way that you’ll be proud to use it.

“Saskia, you’ve helped tell the story behind the brand, translate technical products in an engaging way, and communicate our motivation and vision for kids. The whole experience has been brilliant. You’ve restored my confidence in copywriters!”



  • Unique & playful product names and irresistible product descriptions

    that will shape your brand vibe and make sure you stand out.

  • Expertly crafted web copy your parent buyers will love

    from About Page to online store front – you’ll receive the full works to get them clicking.

  • Exciting parent-attracting launch content and the strategy to keep creating with ease

    Blog posts, newsletter content, social media ideas – you’ll leave with a wealth of done-for-you content and strategic suggestions to pick from whenever you like.

  • Brand research, brand voice discovery + core message creation with supporting brand guide document
  • Brand name and/or tagline and social media bios
  • Complete Web Copy Package up to 5-pages
  • Product/category names + descriptions up to 2,000 words
  • Mailing list subscriber sign-up email series and supporting sign-up page copy
  • Strategic digital content idea bundle including blog title ideas, collaboration suggestions, social media topics and tips on how to re-purpose content – enough ideas to easily last you 6 months!
  • Customer-facing email copy bringing personality to order confirmations and abandoned cart emails
  • Digital press release to announce your business launch
  • Ad-hoc copy package up to 700 words of bespoke copy/content to support you with additional wordy elements
  • On-going email support and idea generation for the duration of our time working together
  • Ongoing cross-brand promotion with other Share The Joy Media clients, when appropriate
What about the visual side?

The visual side of building a stand out brand is also crucial. I’m able to connect you with graphic and web design talent if you need that support too. Just ask!


“Yes!! This sounds amazing!
My business needs this confident start!”

Woo hoo! Then let’s get started!



Payment plan available

“How are you doing this? Is it skill or is it magic?! I can’t thank you enough for your work, Saskia. The Content Creche is – along with my talented Maths Dance facilitators – the best investment I’ve made for my company so far.”


Nervous about handing over your brand?

I completely understand that this is a substantial business investment and it’s the reason why I carry out a number of processes to ensure we’re a good fit and that working together will be fun, easy, and transformational – and that I know your brand vision fully before I write a word.

You helped us to find our voice – you somehow managed to sort through our jumbled ideas and thoughts and put them into clear, succinct words that summed us and our products perfectly! THANK YOU!!


Wow Saskia! Brilliant!!! I’m blown away! Your copy has undoubtedly raised the quality of our online store and what’s more, strengthened our brand.”


“Is ‘The Content Creche’ really for me?”


Let’s check you’re in the right place. No wasted investments here.


  • Business owners who are eager and excited about launching or re-launching a kids/family focussed brand imminently.

  • Business owners who want the best for their business and are ready to invest in the help to get them there.

  • Business owners juggling brand building with parenthood who would love a helping hand to take the pressure off ‘doing it all’.

  • Business owners who are committed to putting the work in to make their dreams come to life – including giving feedback and replying to emails promptly.

  • Business owners who would LOVE to have a friendly professional onboard who will take their business dreams as seriously as they do.


  • Business owners who are toying with the idea of building a brand on the side out of curiosity – with no real concern whether it works out.

  • Business owners who are fine doing everything themselves, even if it leads to stress, exhaustion and a drawn out journey to business success.

  • Business owners who make constant excuses for not getting things done and moving their business forward.

  • Business owners who don’t really believe their business can succeed longterm and aren’t interested in a hugely profitable, award-winning brand.

Don’t need the whole shebang but eager to work together?

I have limited availabilty for smaller projects.
Get in touch directly to introduce yourself and find out more