25+ Blog Post Ideas For Your Family-Focused Start-up

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Just when you thought your business ‘to-do’ list couldn’t get any longer: you realise your blog has gone cold and your web traffic has taken a plummet. Time to bring it back to life and attract parents who need you! The trouble is coming up with blog post ideas can be a real brain suck for busy entrepreneurs – as if writing a blog post didn’t take long enough…
Thankfully, I’ve had a brainwave for you and put together a list of blog ideas specifically for family-focused start-ups. You’re welcome.
Behind the scenes
Give your followers a glimpse into how your business works. We all love to see the humans behind the brand and it’s not just social media that’s the place to do this. Why not use your blog posts to show the process behind:
– Finding new brands How do you decide which products you’re going to stock or businesses you collaborate with?
– Design + development Tell the story behind your branding, your company name, your product development etc.
– Meeting target audience, meeting parents and kids you sell to How do you connect with your ideal customer while developing your services? Introduce the real customers you’ve met and how they influence what you offer.
– Family life behind the business If you’re targeting parents then they’ll love to get to know the family behind a brand, after all, the kids are often the inspiration aren’t they!
How-to guides
You know your products very well, but potential customers may be completely new to what you do. Give your followers detailed insight into exactly how your products/services work and how they can be used:
– How to style your products Show your readers how to make the most of your products by complimenting them with each other or mixing with other brands.
– How to use your products It might be obvious to you, but don’t forget to explain how your products work to those who haven’t a clue! You can talk about how to use your products/service generally or for specific occasions/situations.
– Creative ways to use your product other than the way they were designed This is a great angle if you want to be seen as fun, innovative, or generous – show how to maximise the benefits of what you offer.
Your blog content doesn’t have to be all about you. If you’re not sure what more to say about yourself, mix it up with some recommendations of others. This is a nice way to boost the viral effect of a blog post too. Let the people who are featured in your content know so that they are encouraged to share it with their own followers too.
– Other brands and products you love Gift guides, top tens, or a feature on one brand you adore.
– Events, restaurants, venue recommendations Try reviews or news on places you rate that you’re sure your customers will love too.
– Tips and tricks that your target customer will love I can get lost for hours watching ‘Nifty’ videos and scrolling through Buzzfeed life hacks; we all want life to be more convenient. Offer your followers tips and tricks they’ll want to share with their friends.
I love an interview! They’re a really easy format to read and get first-hand insight. Here’s how you can use them in your blog content:
– Interview influencers your audience will love Instagram mums, celebs, local heroes…
– With customers Get real knowledge and experiences from people your other customers can really connect with.
– With members of your team Share more of that behind-the-scenes fun with interviews with members of your team. A great way to build loyalty and make your customers feel like they really know your business.
Story posts
– Why you started Whats the history behind your business? Why did you start? Tell your story.
– Your vision for the business Let your readers come on board with your vision, share your dreams and plans with them!)
– Events you’ve been at What exciting events have you been to that your readers will have wished they could have been at? Share your experience with them.
– Triumph posts – struggles you’ve had but overcome Vulnerability and humility are powerful. Business isn’t always easy, so why not share your stories with your customers and tell them what you’ve been through to bring your products/services to market.
Opinion pieces
– On hot topics/news Can you jump on any news and share your thoughts on a topic? Don’t try to be controversial just for the sake of it (isn’t click bait annoying?!) but share your authenticity by speaking from the heart.
Comparison posts
– Between your different products or yours and a competitor Help you readers make an informed decision on which products and services will be best for them.
Before and after (makeover posts)
– Nursery/customer makeover Can you show how your products have impacted a real life home? Perhaps a before and after of a nursery, details of how your skincare has transformed a baby’s complexion, or how your maternity fashion has transformed a pregnant mothers confidence!
– Get customer stories on before and after using your products Publish feedback from real-life customers and get their before and after experiences.
– Explain terms your target customer might need help with Whether this means explaining brand or product terminology or helping them with things outside of your remit. For example, if you sell pregnancy related products why not help them with terms used in labour/birth?
Open letter 
An open letter is another chance to be vulnerable. Write it as if you’re writing to your past/future self, or write an open letter to a cause or customer you feel needs support or inspiration.
Guest post
 A classic way to get content for your website without typing a word! Reach out to other experts and business owners your readers will enjoy hearing from.
Which of these blog post ideas are you most excited about? Tell me over on Instagram now, I’d love to know. Or get in touch to find out more about my blogwriting services to take all your blog writing pressures off.

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