4 Blog Post Ideas To Increase Shareability And Get Seen By More Parents

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You’ve been keeping your brand blog up-to-date and getting great feedback… but you still wish you could create a piece of blog content that would REALLY get attention? A blog post that will get shared and drive parents to your website who have never seen you before. Here are 4 blog post ideas to do just that:

Gift/Product guides

Let’s start with the perfect way to inspire your website browsers, showcase other brands you admire AND promote your own products while you’re at it; gift guides are a fun way to collate products and tag other businesses with the hopes of encouraging them to share! You can directly provide a back-link to other websites (if you’re feeling generous) and tag brands over on Facebook & Instagram so they’ll get notified and are just a few clicks away from sharing your post on.

Annual holidays (Valentine’s, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Christmas) are the obvious choice. But there are plenty of more specific baby/child milestones you can help customers celebrate – baby shower, christening, first birthday, second birthday, third birthday… first day at school, first holiday abroad, exam success… the list goes on!

How-to guides and expert knowledge

How-to and advice-based content has to be one of the most successful form of content on the web! We’re all googling away looking for answers (that’s why you’re here? No?) and fortunately for us, the answers are just a few clicks away. Yes, if you want to get people’s attention – help them out!

If you want to up the likelihood of getting seen by your ideal customer, choose a topic you KNOW they want answers to. Ask your parent followers directly what areas of their life they’re struggling with or what more they want to know about your products/services – it really is as easy as that to give people what they want! Up the ‘shareability’ factor by referencing other experts too and let them know they’ve been included so they can share your collaborative knowledge with their followers too.


As a child I’d regularly daydream about being interviewed when I grew up. It was fun to imagine being a celebrity reminiscing over my popstar achievements… Receiving an invite to be interviewed is compliment. It says: “I know you have something valuable to share”.

Interviews allow you a simple way to create insightful content and will encourage interviewees to share your finished article to their followers. Not sure how an interview is relevant to your business? Here are a few ideas:

  • Toy store? Interview a toy designer or play specialist
  • Baby boutique? Interview the founder of one of the brands you stock or a celeb customer
  • Family holiday firm? Interview a hotelier or a whole family who’ve travelled with you
  • Teething brand? Interview a dentist or baby development specialist

Another way to ‘amass the shares’ is to craft a piece of content featuring other businesses. You might opt to become the authority in a local topic with a title like ‘X Baby & Toddler Groups You Never Knew Existed In [City/Town]’ (I recently did a post like this for a client and it brought people to their site in DROVES) or go for a nationwide topic like ‘X Bright & Colourful UK Baby Brands You’ll Love’.

Let people know they’ve been featured so they know to share it with their fans.

Which of these ideas can you see yourself trying out in the future? Head over to Instagram and let me know.

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