5 Reasons To Stop Copy & Pasting And Write Unique Product Descriptions

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As a mum of two and a copywriter in the kids/family sector, I browse a LOT of beautiful online stores. And if there’s one thing I rapidly notice as I peruse, it’s copy and paste product descriptions. Descriptions that provide a disheartening déjà vu… See, product descriptions do much more than outline details of a product; product descriptions make or break whether you make sales. Here’s why it’s time you consider using unique descriptions on your online store:

Boost organic web traffic

Product descriptions pasted from a manufacturer are tempting for many reasons. If they come from the producer, you know they have all the basic info a consumer could need – and pasting them in is a BIG timesaver – but duplicate descriptions have a negative impact on web traffic and profits.

Google penalises content which is copied. Meaning sites which have the same descriptions as other sites will be ranked lower in search results thanks to perceived ‘lack of credibility’. Unique product descriptions are hugely beneficial to SEO. And once you’ve invested in them (with time or money), the organic web traffic will pay off again and again.

Sell with story

Tempting a customer to buy is a complex process. Particularly in an age where your competitor is just one click away. Your product descriptions may be the one extra detail which converts your browser into a buyer. And once a customer has bought from you that first time, they’ll be likely to buy from you repeatedly.

If you don’t have product descriptions, or you’ve copied and pasted basic bullet points (which do little emotive work), you’re leaving your customer to use their own imagination. And most busy parents don’t set out to sell to themselves while they’re shopping – we want you to give us permission to buy! Your products need to look and sound irresistible.

Unique descriptions can create a unique story tailored to your target audience. A story about the product or the manufacturer which resonates and converts.

Show your authority

The biggest problem I have with copy-and-paste product descriptions is the lack of authority it shows as an online retailer. I’m instantly a bit disappointed. Copied descriptions suggest you don’t have the time or resources to give each product the time and attention you’d like and that you’re not at the top of your field after all.

Unique product descriptions suggest you are passionate and knowledgeable enough about a product to share your own opinions and experiences. You’re a pro!

Establish your brand voice

Another huge benefit of unique product descriptions is the consistency you can bring to your brand. When you copy-and-paste descriptions, your website becomes a mix-mash of different manufacturer tones and formats. Unique product descriptions allow you to design a style and stick with it, so customers can recognise and enjoy your brand voice no matter where they are on your store.

Gain customer trust

Unique, informative descriptions allow you to go further than the manufacturers basic info and provide details which match your target audience; they allow you to show your audience just how much you care about your business, and them. What questions will your parent audience have that other consumers will not?

“Good and detailed product descriptions are essential when the customer can’t see and touch the products before buying. Content design closed the sale.” Jakob Nielsen, Usability Expert

Customers want to buy from a consistent brand who demonstrate they know a lot about their products and can help instil you with confidence that purchasing is the right choice.

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