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5 Things A Copywriter Will Do For Your Family Brand Content (That You’re Not)

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Don’t have the budget to hire a copywriter? Can’t quite see how outsourcing copy and content writing will benefit you? Not to fear! Plenty of parent bosses are acing their web wording without help (damn). So whether you want to improve your DIY content strategy or uncover how a pro will take your content up a notch, here are 5 things you can expect from a professional writer:

Write with conversion in mind

With every piece of writing, us copywriters have a goal to fulfil: help our clients grow their business/make more sales/improve customer loyalty/rank higher on Google – whatever it is, our copy needs to convert. We must turn readers into doers, sharers, and BUYERS. If we don’t, clients won’t come back.

The stakes are just as high for business owners who write their own content, but the temptation is easier to ‘wing it’ when you’re fuelled by passion and have little experience in what does and doesn’t work to satisfy both browsers and search engines.

A professional copywriter will be thinking about things like:

  • Including appropriate calls to action
  • Putting themselves into the customer’s shoes
  • Using relevant sales techniques and language (ie. headlines, statistics, leading with benefits)
Research your competitors

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel; use competitors as a guide to find out what’s already working when it comes to engaging copy and shareworthy content. A good copywriter would never just pilfer other’s words, but will use competitor information to inform ideas on appropriate topics and writing styles.

Make copy SEO beneficial

SEO, a term that ties many a stomach in knots; ‘search engine optimisation’ is not a fun aspect of creating great brand content. But unfortunately, getting your SEO right is HUGE. If you’re going to write for the web, you need to be thinking about how your words will be seen by the likes of Google – but without swatting up after the kids have gone to bed, you’re unlikely to know much about SEO unless you’re in the business of digital marketing.

A professional copywriter will have at least a basic understanding of SEO, and be in the loop with the everchanging SEO techniques and requirements. They will be able to strategically place your target search words/phrase in your content, and ensure your copy still reads naturally. Keyword stuffing is a big no-no.

Use proven call to actions

Part and parcel of converting copy is the use of call to actions. These are phrases and directions which clearly ask your follower/reader to engage and take a specific action. This could be leaving a comment, sharing a blog post, or buying an item – the calls to action will depend on your content goals.

Take their time AND deliver on time

How often do you give up on a blog idea because you don’t have the time? A professional will stay committed and get the job done when you can’t find the motivation or need to prioritise other tasks. They will deliver on time, meaning you can meet your launch deadline without worrying about sick toddlers, sleepless nights, or any other family reality know to delay publishing.

Plus, when you’re PAID To write content, the content you produce needs to be top-notch. A great copywriter will price their services so they don’t need to rush – they take the time to get to know your business and then craft quality content to match your specific needs.

A professional copywriter will treasure your content needs; to us, writing is a love and not just another ‘to do’ on your ever-growing checklist!

Which areas do you most wish you had a copywriter to help you with? Leave a comment over on Instagram and share your current copy struggle.

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