6 Places To Publish Posts To A Parent Audience (Without Having A Blog!)

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Blogging is a fantastic way to educate, inspire, and entertain new and existing customers. But what if you don’t want the pressure of writing frequent blogs and directing them to your website? Scrap the schedule and try publishing ‘blog’ style entries on other platforms instead. Here are 6 places to publish posts to an existing parent audience without leading them to your domain:

Facebook Page

A lot of marketing energy (and marketing BUDGET) goes into building a strong Facebook page following. Use this audience to express yourself and move your followers with more than images and short viral snippets. Lengthily Facebook posts are a brilliant place to communicate honest, motivational, or humorous observations and experiences.

Facebook Groups

A ready established, relevant Facebook group is a marketer’s dream – giving access to your target market in their droves, and allowing you a platform to communicate to them. Facebook Groups are the ideal place to share tips and advice blogs. But steer clear of directly promotional news postings and celebrations; selling in Facebook Groups (unless invited) is frowned upon.

Facebook Groups are a place for real support and connection with potential customers.

Guest Blogging

There’s so much more to getting your blog content read than simply pressing publish. Driving traffic to your website is vital, and your blog success depends on your blog TRAFFIC. Business owners with little web footfall will benefit from posts placed on an existing blog already getting attention. How to do this? Swat up on high readership blogs in your niche and make a pitch to provide a post for them. You can find out which blogs regularly accept guest posts by Googling “[niche/topic] guest posts” or “[niche/topic] write for us”.


Perfectly framed snapshots might be the obvious choice over on photo-sharing platform Instagram, but captions are vital to building customer connection. And keeping things short and sweet isn’t the only way to communicate with fellow instagrammers. Candid, lengthily blog posts build emotional connection with followers and hook browsers into reading more about you and your brand on a platform when they aren’t typically looking for in-depth content.

Email List

An inbox is a very intimate setting – and if you get your content right, a regular newsletter is the ideal place to blog directly. A potential customer may forget to check your blogroll for months yet check their mailbox every hour, meaning increased likelihood of getting read. With in-email blogging, engaging readers to action is immediate too. Rather than linking out to a blog post, use your call-to-action to direct them to a product or service instead.


You’d be mistaken for thinking LinkedIn is too formal a network for down-to-earth connection opportunities (I was). It turns out, LinkedIn is a brilliant place to get your ideas and products in front of working parents. Not only can you showcase links directly to your on-website blog, LinkedIn has the option to ‘write an article’ directly into your newsfeed and groups.

Which of these other blogging platforms most appeals to you? Leave a comment over on Instagram and let me know.

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