6 Ways To Use Content To Convert Busy Mums Into Customers

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As a busy mum myself, I know well the constant juggle of commitments that comes with being a parent. Yet it’s funny how, no matter how busy I am, I still frequently find myself lost in online content in its various guises… And I know I’m not alone!

Us busy mothers DO find time to engage with online content. Which is why it’s so vital brands keep creating content that connects, and strategically using this content to convert us into buyers. Here’s how you can use your blog posts, web content, and social media words to build relationships and win over busy mum buyers:

Answer questions

The first step to winning custom: arouse curiosity in your products and services. But what happens before a browser buys? They ask themselves a lot of questions – whether they know it or not…

  • How much is it?
  • Will it fit my needs?
  • How long will it last?
  • How does it work?
  • How do I find out more?

Your web and social media content is the place to answer these questions so potential customers don’t have to ask you for the answers – most people won’t bother. If they can’t find the answers that they’re looking for, they’ll go elsewhere.

Use story to sell

Storytelling is a key tactic when selling online. How are you currently using your story (or the story of your products) to create connection points with your target audience? Busy mums in particular are looking for content they can relate with and engagement with in a way they often can’t when at home with their children. Storytelling is a powerful technique in making your customers feel understood.

Don’t forget, Storytelling isn’t just about retelling a brand or product history. It’s about helping your customer to engage with the possibilities of their purchase. Use descriptive and emotive language to help readers fully imagine what they will get from buying from you. Use your content to remind buyers what positives your products/service will have on their future (or the future of their children).


While you’re using your online content to connect and resonate with potential buyers, don’t forget to add some promotion into the mix and outright ask your followers to engage! Promotional content might include: showcasing products through social media or blog posts, running giveaways, offering discounts, telling more about your services and encouraging people to get in touch.

Ask questions and encourage conversation

Let’s get back to that point about being relatable to your target audience; content which resonates with your busy mum customer is key to boosting sales and brand loyalty. The easiest way to do this is too give your followers what they want. And how do you find out what they want? Ask! Use your online content to ask questions and encourage friendly conversation and insight sharing, not only with you, but with fellow customers. Their responses are marketing gold.

Establish your brand voice

Getting your content spot on is more than a one-time goal. You need to be being consistent with the web and blog content you output; every word you publish is acting as a representation of your brand voice.

Don’t be afraid to add personality. Your content doesn’t need to appeal to everyone. It should specifically appeal to the types of busy parents who will want your products. If you’ve yet to create a brand guide for your business, stop and think about how you’d like to be perceived and how the language you use and topics you explore will best communicate your brand values/message.

Improve SEO and boost organic traffic

Yes, thinking like a search engine is dull. But SEO is a huge part of connecting with your ideal customer – you need to be crafting your content with search engine optimisation in mind. Ranking well in the search engines means you’ll boost organic web traffic and, in turn, take the pressure off other marketing efforts. Tips to go about that include:

  • Write for your customers foremost, add search terms naturally – no keyword stuffing!
  • Use keywords/phrases in your titles and headings
  • Secure back links to your content from other websites and social media platforms
  • Try not to use duplicate content (ie, copy & pasting from other sites)
  • Keep your blog updated – Google loves fresh content
Which of these avenues are you yet to pursue with your online copy & content? Head over to Instagram and share, I’d love to know.

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