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7 Blogging Mistakes You’re Making As A Family Brand (Oops)

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Getting ideas from out of your Memo app and onto screen is only half the battle; utilising your business blog as a marketing tool requires strategy – which sadly many small family brands are yet to employ. Oops. Here’s a look at the blogging mistakes you’re making, so you can fix them fast:

You’ve forgotten who you’re talking to

If only being passionate about your business and products were enough! We’d all be able to get away with waffling for the love of it. The reality is, we need to think before we type and consider who we are talking to. What do they really want from us? What topics will provide VALUE to their lives, whether by being helpful, newsworthy, or entertaining? And how should we best present our content?

Video and audio content may be inconvenient if you’re targeting busy parents. And if your readers are likely to be ‘on-the-go’, making your blog mobile-friendly is CRUCIAL!

You’re letting your blog go dead…

You can have blog sass to rival MotherPukka, but if you’re letting your blog content dry up – you’re making a big mistake. Well, you’re making a big mistake if you want to have a USEFUL blog that helps turn readers into buyers (and I’m guessing you do, since you’re here!).

A dead blog is not just a waste of web space; outdated blogrolls damage reputation. A blog which hasn’t been updated in months says: “we’re too busy” “we’re out of ideas” “we’re scatty and uncommitted” “we can’t invest in updating/entertaining you”…. Yikes. And yep, I’ve been there too!

No call to action

Unless blogging fame is your main motivation for starting a business blog, a blog post needs to inadvertently SELL. Not necessarily through the content itself, but through the trust you build with a reader or the invitation you make within a blog article (or at the end) to find out more about what you offer. Even if blogging fame is your main motivation, you’ll still want a strong call to action in place to share your joy! A call to action is simply an invitation for your reader to: do something.

A few examples of ‘calls to action’ you can present to your readers:

  • Leave a comment
  • Share your post on social media
  • Click to find out more about your products/service
  • Opt-in to a newsletter
  • Download a freebie/discount code
  • Click through to read another post
Your ghost blogger doesn’t GET it

I’d be pretty silly to discourage the use of a ghostwriter, now, wouldn’t I? But I can confidently tell you that ghost blogging won’t always work for you. If you’re desperately trying to keep your blog alive with great content, you need someone who gets your business and what you are trying to achieve. I know of passionate business owners who have been gutted by the money they’ve spent on top quality (highly raved-about) copywriters – because they simply couldn’t capture the brand voice.

Do your research before you hire a ghost blogger. Have they worked with similar brands before? Can they provide clear examples of copy which fits the style of writing you’re looking for?

A great blog ghostwriter won’t work with brands unless they are confident they can ‘get’ the tone of the potential client.

You’re focusing too much on SEO

SEO (or ‘search engine optimisation’) is a much-dreaded term for those new to creating web content. Who wants to be writing for robots?! Fortunately, Google’s algorithm has changed dramatically over the last decade, meaning now it is more important you write for your target audience than to jam-pack your content with search terms purely for the sake of your rankings.

By all means, consider the search terms you’d like to target through your content – but use these strategically, and naturally.

Not having a unique brand voice

We all want our blog content to get us attention, so looking up to other bloggers who are doing well in our field can be helpful. What you want to watch out for is being tempted to do things their way. Your audience will quickly disconnect from copycat content which is inauthentic.

Spend time thinking about who you are as a brand, and how you can translate this through your content. Once you’ve developed a tone your happy with, the next challenge is being consistent. Every blog you post should be in line with your unique brand voice.

You have a blog but keep it secret

Ah, the last and, perhaps, easiest of blogging mistakes to make… keeping your blog a secret! Imagine, all that hard work – research, idea development, hours of writing – and no-one sees it! If you’ve got a company blog, you need a plan to promote the content you make. Where are you going to share each and every post to get as many eyes on it as possible? Make a plan, and be consistent.

Which of these blogging mistakes are you making at the moment? No shame required, I’ve previously made them all myself!! Leave a comment to confess 🙂

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