7 elements of web copy and content to improve first

7 Elements of Your Parent-Targeting Brand Copy and Content to Improve First

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You want to up your game online. You want to make sure your online presence is top-notch. Your web copy is compelling (and converting) and your digital content is attracting the right audience, and harnessing the know-like-trust factor. But where do you start?! Don’t worry, I’m going to walk you through it. Let’s go:

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Even pre-launch the words you’re using online are crucial. How do you want to be understood before your website has even gone live? How can you build anticipation and captivate your ideal parent buyer before you’ve even got a full product line to show? Your tagline and your social media bios are the perfect place to start. Short, snappy, but written well, able to convey exactly what you do and how you will stand out from all the existing brands your potential buyers currently follow.

Website Homepage

The homepage. Getting the wording right on your homepage is HUGE. Did you know it takes the average browser 0.05 seconds to decide whether they want to stay on a website or not? Crazy!! Clearly visual design overpowers copy in this first instance, but once the browser HAS decided to stay, it’s your way-with-words which is going to make the sales. Yes, product images are key too, but if you don’t use your words correctly, you’re going to lose a lot of business.

With thousands of other options just a click away, your homepage needs to make it crystal clear what you stand for and why you’re worth spending time with. This doesn’t mean your homepage needs to include paragraph after paragraph of persuasion. You may only have one perfectly crafted sentence on your homepage: a magnetic tagline.

About page

Your browser is interested. They’ve seen something they like but they want to know more. Who are you? Why should they do business with YOU and not the other brand they’ve been tempted by a few times already… They’re curious, but they’re not yet sold. So, what do they do? They head to the About page to find out more, hoping to fall in love and get the inner permission they need. Many brands neglect the About page as a place to make sales, presuming it’s a dull add-on which gives a bit of background should anyone be curious….

Make yours captivating. Tell your story, infuse your unique brand voice, play on your readers emotions and don’t forget a final call to action.

Take your web browser on a journey and show them exactly where to head next – the checkout.

Haven’t opted for a traditional 5-page website structure? You’ll still need an engaging about section which tells your story, touches on your target customer pain points and calls the browser to action.

Product descriptions

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Stop making product descriptions an afterthought. Product descriptions have the power to persuade in ways pictures don’t. Why does your reader NEED this item? How will it change their life? Most browsers can see if they like (or even love) a product but have hang-ups about whether they should commit to spending right now. Words help convey a sense of urgency or exclusivity to match their inner needs. Not to mention, unique product descriptions are great for boosting effective SEO.

Navigation wording

Oh, the menu bar. Often neglected. Because who spends their time thinking much about their website menu? (Web designers and copywriters unite!) But navigation wording is another simple way you can either attract or repel your parent browsers on your website. Get the wording wrong, confusion will have them heading for the X sign. Get the wording right, they’ll know exactly where to click next.

If you’re an Instagram user, you’ll notice how brands get around the limitations of Instagram’s one link ‘in bio’ by creating separate mobile-ready web pages or using an app like Linktree – opening up a whole new opportunity to navigate potential buyers to your products and content.

Where many brands fall down is in the generic menu options – which if you’re not sure what you’re looking for when you click out of curiosity lacks any sort of direction or persuasion. Switching ‘Blog’ for ‘Read our latest post’ and ‘Shop’ for ‘Browse our latest collection’ immediately gives readers a sense of clarity on how to engage next.

Launch and sales posts

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Once the tagline is honed (whoop!) it’s time to work on launch content and your first sales-based social posts. Which means having a strategy in place to attract and direct your followers to take action. The key to success here: owning your brand messaging. Be authentic, be confident, be consistent – and remember that call to action!
Not sure what a call to action is? It’s a message or direction for your reader to do something specific. For example: “Shop our baby hats now” “Sign-up for a discount here” or “Contact us today on…”

Mailing list sign-up messaging

Finally, with browsers on your website it’s time to connect so you can keep in touch. A mailing list is an obvious way to do this. And whether you’re hooking them in with a discount code or a freebie, using your words effectively will have a massive impact on your sign-ups. Think about how you can make use of exclusivity and excitement to hook people in and build their desire to want to know more. Forget bog standard phrases like “Sign-up to our mailing list” and play with your brand themes to create something fun and enticing. “Ready for a monthly party in your inbox?”

Now you know exactly where to prioritise your time, the next step: getting started with confidence. The sooner you start transforming your online communications, the sooner you can get the attention you’re longing for. So, bookmark your next child-free afternoon or pop the baby monitor on and block out social media for the evening – it’s on!

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